Thomas Newberry

(1811 – 16 January 1901) was an English Bible scholar and writer.

Thomas Newberry - 1811-1901

Thomas Newberry often praised God for the blessing of a Christian mother and a godly elder sister, for through them, like Timothy of New Testament fame, he knew the holy scriptures from his youth. It pleased God to reveal His Son to Thomas Newberry's soul as Saviour and Lord at an early age, so that he knew the blessed experience of being 'born again' (John 3:3) by the incorruptible word of God which lives and abides forever (1 Peter 1:His Christian journey commenced with a love and reverence for the word of God, which continued throughout his long and active life. He became 'mighty in the scriptures' (Acts 18:24) and was one of the most able and profitable expositors of his generation, despite never seeing the inside of a Bible College nor ever earning a theological Although originally just an 'ordinary reader' of the Bible for comfort and instruction, he soon began the diligent study and searching of the original Hebrew and Greek languages. Pursuing these studies for twenty five years, he felt constrained to begin the production of what is now known as one of the best helps for discerning Bible study, namely The Englishman's Bible. It was not to be a Study Bible full of interpretative notes; rather one containing pointers to the original languages which would aid students in gaining a deeper knowledge of the Bible for themselves. The original title, The Englishman's Bible, now sounds somewhat curious, for while this Study Bible is designed for English readers, it has gone on to become greatly prized and appreciated by serious Bible students in many countries all over the world.

The Newberry Study Bible has been highly commended by competent scholars and thousands of less qualified students alike, who express admiration for the immense labours bestowed upon the work. Even from a practical standpoint it was a mammoth undertaking, being produced in the days preceding computers and word processors. The insightful information given in the margins and the text soon becomes invaluable to those who are at once acquainted with it.

Diligent scripture study drew Mr. Newberry into association with a remarkable revival which took place in the British Isles and indeed, throughout the world, early in the 19th century. At that time many eminent Christians were led to search the scriptures especially in regard to their ecclesiastical associations. Companies of brethren gathered together owning the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as their gathering centre (Matthew l8:20); while disowning traditions such as clerisy, sacramentalism and denominationalism in favour of a return to following New Testament patterns for local churches. They saw an assembly of Christians as 'priests around a person' (Christ) rather than 'people around a pastor'. Along with this discovery came a revival of fervency concerning the return of the Lord for His people, brought about by a literal approach to scriptures concerning prophetic Mr. Newberry ministered among such assemblies for many years, and his lectures and writings on the Tabernacle and the Temple were in particular of great spiritual profit to thousands of the Lord's people. Indeed, he constructed a model of the Temple of exquisite beauty and design (he was an architect by profession), again the result of detailed and diligent study of the scriptures. He wrote articles for The Witness and other magazines, as well as conducting extensive correspondence with Bible students all over the world and seeking to be a help to the saints in every possible way.

He died at Weston-Super-Mare, England, on January 16th 1901, at the ripe age of 90. He left the following books behind him as a legacy of his devotion to the word of God; Notes On The Temple, Notes On The Tabernacle, The Parables Of Our Lord and The Temples Of Solomon and Ezekiel. Mr. Newberry's crowning work however, which you now hold in your hands, was the Englishman's Bible. It is still being widely used throughout the world almost 100 years after his death. May you spend many happy hours finding profit through its many helpful features. This is a unique Bible for believers who want to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the scriptures, and therefore of Christ, for themselves.