Thomas Boston

(17 March 1676 – 20 May 1732) was a Scottish Presbyterian church leader, theologian and philosopher. He was born in Duns on 17 March 1676, son of John Boston (who suffered imprisonment in the cause of nonconformity) and Alison Trotter. He was educated at the Grammar School of Duns and was later employed by Alexander Cockburn, notary. He graduated with an M.A. (Edinburgh, 9 July 1694), his whole expenses at college being £10, 14s. 7fd. sterling. He then became schoolmaster of Glencairn in 1695 ; res. 8 February 1696 ; was thereafter tutor to young Andrew Fletcher of Aberlady, and chaplain to his stepfather, Colonel James Bruce of Kennet ; licen. by Presb. of Duns and Chirnside 15 June 1697 ; officiated in vacant parishes in the Presb. of Stirling in 1698; ord. to Simprin 21 September 1699; clerk of Synod in 1701 ; called by the Presb. jure devoluto 24 January 1706 ; adm. 1 May 1707, the day of the Union of Scotland and England ; died 20 May 1732.