George Burrowes

Dr. Burrowes was born April 3, 1811, at Millham, near Trenton, New Jersey. He began his classical education at a school in Trenton, April, 1824, and was for a time a teacher at Allentown, New Jersey. In November, 1830, he entered Princeton College and graduated therefrom in September, 1832. He took the first honors of his class and delivered the Latin salutatory at the Commencement, and had also assigned to him an honorary speech in English on “The Importance of Mathematics in a College Course.”

Of Chapter 2:1-3 Burrowes writes: '' Here the spouse sets forth, by beautiful comparisons, the character of herself and of the beloved, for putting before us the contrast between her humility and loveliness, and His majesty and beauty. We are reminded that, as His people, our character must be the opposite of what it was by nature.'' We must be as pure as the lily among thorns.